°In the Studio°

Jewellery is something that evokes memories, from a ring your grandmother gave you, to a necklace that reminder you of a holiday in Spain. When I glance over my own jewellery, it fills me with beautiful stories, of people and places.

It is so important that the jewellery I create, nurtures those same sentimental feelings. I believe, that story starts with how each piece is made. I, (Lauren) handcrafting each piece respecting the beautiful materials, and methods that form Ochre’s jewellery. It’s so special to me, to be able to share these images with you, detailing the process of making. Captured by the lovely Brianna Horne.

My ethos for Ochre is to create jewellery considerately and ethically, respecting our beautiful planet, without causing it any further harm.

I use both Australian clay, and Australian recycled sterling silver and brass. I am so proud to say my kiln, used for firing all Ochre’s ceramic findings, runs on the power of the sun! Ochre is jewellery that is made with love, and awareness of its footprint on the world.

Thank you to the gorgeous Brianna Horne who captured these beautiful images of me in my happy place, my sunlit studio in Fitzroy, Melbourne