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Inspired by ocean sunsets, painting the sky in a beautiful aura of pastel pink. Glazed in warm, blushing tones, of musk and apricot.

Aura is refined and elegant, with an emphasis on the craft of silversmithing.



  1. An earthy pigment containing ferric oxide, typically with clay, varying from light yellow to brown or red.

Would you like to take a peek into Ochre’s studio in Fitzroy, Melbourne?

°In the Studio°

°In the Studio° is a beautiful gallery of images, detailing the process of handcrafting each piece of Ochre’s jewellery.

To me jewellery is something that evokes memories, from a ring your grandmother gave you, to a necklace that reminder you of a holiday in Spain. When I glance over my own jewellery, it fills me with beautiful stories, of people and places.

It is so important that the jewellery I create, nurtures those same sentimental feelings. I believe, that story starts with how each piece is made.