Item Care


Looking after your beautiful Ochre Pieces


  • Ochre strives for high, detailed quality of all designs and materials used. The intent is for pieces to be long lasting, worn with love and care.

  • Ochre asks its customers to take care of their pieces, and treasure them. Products that get daily use will require more frequent maintenance, and metal work may need a clean every now and again or minor tighten or adjustments.

  • Ochre Ceramic Jewellery should not to be worn in the shower, ocean, lake ect. as constant water interaction will decrease the strength of the ceramic.

  • Wear and tear is a natural part of any piece of jewellery. During the making process Ochre's jewellery gets knocked about, sometimes dropped, caught, pulled and tangled. Ochre would not send out pieces it didn't believe, with an element of care and understanding of the limitations of the materials used, would last for years and years.